Loincloths Not Acceptable Courtroom Attire

Flag of Zimbabwe

Twin brothers Tafadzwa and Tapiwanashe Fichiani say that they have a religious calling to return to traditional African values, including the wearing of traditional African loincloths.  These are apparently true loincloths we’re talking about—called “nhembe,” they cover only the genitals. According to the Associated Press, Zimbabweans generally favor Western-style clothes and even African robes are rarely seen, let alone loincloths.

And so the nhembe apparently did not go over well at the suburban Harare mall where the Fichianis went shopping earlier this year.

The brothers were arrested and released on bail, but showed up in court last week to answer the charges—again wearing the nhembe. They were charged again with indecent exposure and are being held in custody until psychiatric tests can be run.

They face a fine of up to $25,000 Zimbabwe dollars, which comes out to about thirty cents US.