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If your mind was thoroughly blown by this weekend's post, Blawg Review #271, that is not necessarily a bad thing but I probably should have explained that I was hosting the latest edition of Blawg Review, a long-running weekly feature in which bloggers find other posts they like and then cite them, tying them all together with some sort of more-or-less elaborate theme.  Past editions, for example, have been based on themes like the Bill of Rights; the story of Norton I, Emperor of the United States; and (no kidding) all three parts of the Divine Comedy.

Because July 5 was "X-Day," and probably also in an effort to find me something suitably odd, the editor of Blawg Review suggested the X-Day/SubGenius theme, and I took it from there.  So that's what that was all about.  The Church of the SubGenius is often funny and above all deeply weird, much more so than I could convey in my post.  Anyway, I encourage you to check out the links in #271 as well as some of the other blawg-review examples that you can find at the Blawg Review homepage.

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