Congratulations to the Contest Winners

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Thanks to the 1297 people who signed up at for the chance to win one of three signed copies of The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance. I guess I forgot to mention that the winners would be decided by physical combat, not just at random. That did seem to come as a surprise to the 1297 people we forced into Thunderdome at gunpoint last night, but they were real troopers about it.


1297 readers enter, three readers leave

Congratulations to the three left standing:

  • Michelle Hendershott (Hancock, Maine)
  • Meghan Duce (Hartland, Wisconsin)
  • Joanna Lastnameapprovalpending (Liverpool, England)

Turns out this was not a great way to run the contest, though, since presumably the other 1294 had at least some interest in potentially buying the book if they did not win a free copy, but live and learn (those who live, learn, that is). The book will be on its way to the survivors this week.

Thanks again!