Why There’s Nothing Special Here for April Fools’ Day

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I think the reason is because, in a sense, every day is April Fools' Day here.  I mean, for example, did any of you really believe that any of these things actually happened?

Oh, wait — those were all true.

Anyway, you see what I mean about April Fools' Day.

Hiking I will mention, though, that the Charlotte Observer coincidentally has a story today about the new fashion trend that has allegedly developed in opposition to "sagging," which I wrote about (again) just yesterday.  Reportedly, the new trend, "hiking," takes pants in a new direction — upward.

Personally, I think it's a tough call as to which fashion trend is worse for society.  Hiking is possibly even more disturbing than sagging, but people with sagging pants tend to have more trouble fleeing from police.

Happy April 1st.

Link: Charlotte Observer