Assorted Stupidity #11

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  • More things not to kill somebody over: dominoes. Especially on Christmas Eve. People, the Yahtzee killing was bad enough. Can't we all just get along?
  • We're "always trying to think ahead," said an official as to why the TSA issued a "Thermos alert" for the holidays. Seems the new theory is that a terrorist might try to hide a bomb inside something. And since the TSA is already alert to the risk of exploding chickens, I guess it has moved on to brainstorming about other things people could put things in, so it can look inside those things too.
  • Re: thinking ahead, the Washington Post reports that the TSA "spent about $30 million on devices that puffed air on travelers to 'sniff' them out for explosives residue," though tests showed they weren't reliable. "Those machines ended up in warehouses . . . abandoned as impractical." It's now spending $300 million on body scanners (which will cost $300 million a year to operate), though the GAO told Congress it is "unclear" whether they work. Thermos alert!
  • Q: How many pages of post-deposition corrections to your client's testimony is too many? A: Sixty-three. "[A]nyone can make an innocent misstatement or two," wrote the Eleventh Circuit. "But not 868 of them."