Terrifying Halloween Assortment!

Killing some time (image: Dieterich01 via pixabay.com)

Well, I didn’t have anything Halloween-related in the hopper this year, although in my defense I will say that it’s usually not until a couple days after Halloween that the necessary reports become available. And I didn’t have time to generate anything totally original because I’ve been too busy working on Halloween costumes. I was all set to show up at the White House dressed as George Papadopoulous so I could really scare the $&*% out of some people for once, but then I found out they did Halloween there on Monday. Typical. So, back to the drawing board.

Anyway, I did take the time to compile some of my past Halloween-related work, so hopefully that’ll tide you over until we know who did what terrifyingly stupid things tonight.

First, a few alleged ghosts:

Second, a bunch of witches, most of them wrongly accused:

Third, some assorted monsters:

And finally, these others here:

Be careful out there.